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A must have investment

A must have investment for any parent/tutor preparing a child or children for the GL and/or AQE Transfer Exam. I have tutored children for these exams for the past 15 years and I would highly recommend these papers. My daughter is due to sit both exams in November 2018 and I did not hesitate in purchasing the 85 pound bundle of 40 GL papers. The papers mirror the actual tests and the questions are presented in different ways to challenge the child and  encourage them to think outside of the box. I plan on buying the AQE bundle soon.

Nicola Shaw
Parent/Tutor/P6 teacher

An excellent product

I have been using this product as a parent and teacher. It gives children good preparation for the Transfer Test. The practice booklets are particularly useful. They are very well organised and are a good foundation to begin preparation for the Transfer Test. The practice papers use similar questions giving children the opportunity to practice what they have revised. An excellent product which I would readily recommend to any teacher or parent preparing children for the Transfer Test.

Bert McNulty
Vice Principal

Great Success

I have been preparing P.7 pupils for Transfer Tests for fifteen years in primary school and I have accumulated a wealth of resources. I have used your company’s English, Maths and English & Maths combined tests with great success in recent years. The tests are curricular-based and are reflective of the GL Tests that the P.7 pupils have to undertake. The tests are very relevant and really help to prepare the pupils in comprehension, spelling, punctuation, number and problem-solving. I would recommend the tests to other schools. I must also commend your company for the quality of customer service.

Heather Michael

Couldn’t recommend these products highly enough.

As a teacher/tutor of 20 years experience, I have found these resources, in the past 6/7 years, to be of excellent quality.I’d recommend for teachers, tutors, parents and interested people. The questions & papers, I believe, are useful for transfer preparation but also as a resource to assist any parent or guardian, who may want to gain a better understanding of concepts & processes of the English & Maths curriculum in KS2. Couldn’t recommend these products highly enough.

A Mc Anenly
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