pack of three SEAG Transfer Test Practice papers 10 to 12
Transfer Test Practice Papers 10 to 12
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Transfer Test Practice Papers 10 to 12


Pack of 3

Each SEAG Transfer Test Practice Papers 10 to 12

contains 56 questions to be completed in 60 minutes.

2 Sections – 28 English questions, then 28 maths questions.

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Prepare your child for the Northern Ireland Transfer Test in 2024 with our comprehensive and expertly designed SEAG Transfer Test Practice Papers 10 to 12. Specifically tailored to meet the requirements of students sitting for the Transfer Test, these papers ensure thorough preparation and boost their confidence.

SEAG Practice Papers Format

Our carefully crafted SEAG practice tests mirror the actual test, giving your child an authentic test experience. Each test consists of 56 questions to be completed in 60 minutes, divided into two sections – 28 English questions followed by 28 Maths questions.

Key Components of Our SEAG Practice Paper Tests

  1. The English Main Test (28 questions):
    • Punctuation Exercise: 5 multiple-choice questions
    • Grammar Exercise: 5 multiple-choice questions
    • Spelling Exercise: 5 multiple-choice questions
    • Comprehension: 13 questions, including 7 multiple-choice and 6 free-response questions
  2. The Maths Main Test (28 questions):
    • 22 multiple-choice questions
    • 6 free-response questions

Furthermore, we provide a separate answer sheet with all answers for easy reference and marking. This allows you to assess your child’s performance in the practice papers effectively.

Additionally, we designed the pupil answer sheet in the same format as the Transfer Test, ensuring familiarity and confidence during the actual exam.

High-Quality Presentation and Environmentally Friendly

We print all our Transfer Test Practice Papers Booklets in full color on the highest quality recycled paper, offering an excellent learning experience for your child while being environmentally conscious. Moreover, the easy marking system enables parents to conveniently assess their child’s performance in the practice papers and identify areas for improvement.

Expert Preparation for the  Northern Ireland Transfer Test

Equip your child with the knowledge and skills they need for success in the Northern Ireland Transfer Test using our expertly designed SEAG practice paper tests. These practice papers serve as an effective way to enhance your child’s understanding of the exam format and sharpen their skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the Transfer Test.

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