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How and when to use our tests

It’s best to use them as real exam practice. These tests are mock exams. They are set out in a style as close as possible to the real thing – though the format will vary from year to year. It is best to use them as an authentic exam experience rather than for general practice. Follow the instructions in the sections before starting the test.  

What a score means and how to boost it.

It is unfortunately impossible to say that a certain score can guarantee a pass in the actual exams. However, we suggest that a score of 80-85% for each test would be a good standard to aim at. It is important not to present this to your child as a concrete benchmark though, as the best motivator for them is to see the scores going up.  

Here are some tried and tested tips for improvement.

Go over any incorrect answers.

Always go over incorrect answers so that your child can see what went wrong. To help with this process, some of our harder Maths questions are explained.

Use an action planner.

This will provide a plan for what to do next when a test has been marked.

Improve basic exam technique.

Work on improving speed, working efficiently – coming back to trickier questions later – and pacing within the time limit.

Improve general English skills.

Ensure the foundations are strong enough. Use a range of checklists to help reinforce your child’s English skills.

Target what is not fully understood.

The secret is not to keep blindly practising but to target the areas of English/Maths that your child is weakest in. This is where crucial marks can be picked up.

Transfer Tests’ fulsome apology

Apologies to Belfast Transfer Camp – Recently, while assaying a potential collaborative venture with Belfast Transfer Camp, it transpired that Transfer Tests had, on occasion, employed some characteristics in its own questions that possibly could be classified as belonging to, and being engaged in, those questions currently used by Belfast Transfer Camp. When this was brought to our attention by Belfast Transfer Camp, Transfer Tests immediately responded to Belfast Transfer Camp’s concerns and took down the material objected to by Belfast Transfer Camp. Transfer Tests would like to express our regret to Belfast Transfer Camp for any confusion that may have inadvertently been caused.


Transfer Tests would also like to wish Mark and Kieran every success with their forthcoming Transfer Camp.