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Practice Papers that follow the format for the SEAG Transfer Test.

When should I start preparing my child for the Transfer Test?”

From they take their first steps into Primary school the preparation begins for the transfer test. Learning is like building a big wall; first comes the foundations and then as your child progresses through their school years a new layer is added to the wall. Sometimes your child’s wall may take longer to build than their peer’s wall, sometimes they will add several layers to their wall in one sudden burst but what is important to remember is that these walls need support and encouragement to continue to grow and that’s where we at Transfer Test are happy to help with our practice papers.

From being in partnership with many primary schools we understand that their structured transfer test preparations are typically throughout the P6 year and early P7 year until the exams have been completed.

There are so many practice papers on the market, how do I know what to buy?”

We at Transfer Tests are very proud to be able to offer a comprehensive selection of the new format SEAG practice papers.

We also offer range of tests in either just English or Maths. These are supplementary tests particularly useful for children who may be doing better in one subject that the other and may help to strengthen their weaker subject.

Our new SEAG tests are priced to suit everybody with a starting price of just £3.99. Our papers are also unique, in that we offer an entirely different set of papers to our schools. This means that when parents are purchasing our papers they can be assured that their child’s school won be covering the same content. We have found that this encourages a much stronger home-school life balance, where one compliments the other.

I want the best value for my money which pack of tests should I opt for?”

Although single tests start at £3.99, we offer bundles of 3 tests for £9.99 and bundles of 6 tests for £18.99. We also give discount codes to regular buyers.

Where can I purchase your practice papers from?”

There are several options to buy our products. You can purchase any of our products directly from our website which is, we offer secure checkout and free delivery on all orders. Our tests are also available to purchase in all many stores across Northern Ireland. We also sell a selection of our products on Amazon, simply search for Transfer Tests and all of our products have a navy blue cover page.

Do you help support children with additional needs with their practice papers?”

We had a parent purchase our full bundle of tests, she got in touch with us shortly after to say her child who has dyslexia was struggling to focus on the tests because of the white paper they are printed on. We had a chat with our very clever printing team and were able to source ‘Dyslexia friendly’ paper that we could use. This means we can print the same great quality questions onto a pigmented paper that children with dyslexia or reading problems may find easier to concentrate on. As we have our own dedicated printing team we are able to offer any of tests printed onto our Dyslexia friendly paper.

Where do we even start with our SEAG preparations?”

– Plan a revision schedule.

Sit with your child and devise a revision schedule that you both agree is fair and constructive. We suggest beginning with little and often sessions to allow your child some time to adjust to the transfer test process.

Schedule relaxation and fun times too! The transfer test process can be stressful for both child and parent so make sure you’re allowing enough ‘down’ time to balance all the hard work.

– Invest in our selection of practice papers.

Our papers mirror the real tests used, they are printed in colour on the highest quality paper, with easy to use marking guides for parents.

– Stay in communication with your child’s teacher.

This is essential as it allows you to get a clear overview of how your child is progressing not only at home but within the classroom. If your child is struggling with any particular subject or area ask your child’s teacher for some hints and tips on how to help them. — Positivity and praise.

In this gruelling cycle of intense learning and testing your child will need you to help them focus on all the great work they are doing.

Always remember the example we are setting in our children’s eyes, if we are calm and relaxed they will likely mirror this however if we are frustrated or tense your child may mirror these feelings, further exasperating the stress they may already be feeling.

My child struggles to sit for really long periods doing written work. What should I do”

Build it up.

Start your preparations with whatever time your child is comfortable with and then work up in 5 minute increments. So, if your child can only sit for 20 minutes before becoming distracted or irritable, schedule your sessions for only 20 minutes to begin with. This will allow your child to complete a revision session successfully and end it on a positive note, as opposed to forcing an hour-long session and after 20 minutes they lose focus and for the next 40 minutes you lose your mind trying to get them back on board! Once your child can successfully stay focused for the full 20-minute period add on 5 minutes to your next

sessions. This way it’s a gradual increase and allows you to build your child’s attention span up in a supportive and positive manner.

Praise your child as they improve.

Make sure to let your child know how great they are doing, always look for something positive to praise on and give lots of verbal and non-verbal encouragements, such as high 5’s.

Keep the fun! Learning isn’t all about reading textbooks, get involved in practical and hands on learning such as making your own water cycle demonstration, let your child help with the weekly shop encouraging them keep track of the spending or something as simple as describing fractions when slicing up a pizza for dinner!

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit/Debit card payments or PayPal. All payments are processed securely.

What method do you post the papers?

Postage is FREE on all orders over £20. All other products are dispatched by Royal Mail 48.

How quick can you deliver?

We aim to dispatch quickly and in most cases within 1-2 working days. This means you should receive your order within 2-3 days of ordering.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you have ordered and want to cancel, please contact us within one working day to cancel the order. We will then cancel the order and refund the monies to you.

Still Got a Query?

Contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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